Raised: 612,051
Raffle of the rare Fender Stratocaster signed by Steve Vai
Campaign is finished
Campaign is finished

Raffle of the rare Fender Stratocaster signed by Steve Vai

KOLO and caring volunteers are collecting equipment to fight the Shahed, which will be handed over to the Bureviy Brigade to protect civilians and military against these night monsters.

We are raising 1.5 million hryvnias to equip 20 teams fighting the "damn mopeds" and protecting our homes and sleep. 

The main prize of the fundraiser is a rare Fender Stratocaster signed by the legendary rock musician Steve Vai.

It has a powerful sound, a true pleasure of classic shapes and uniqueness thanks to the autograph.


Terms and conditions:

  • Each 500 UAH donated = one chance
  • More amount - more chances.
  • The raffle will take place on 24 December 2023 via The results and video of the draw will be published on KOLO social media.

Who are we raising money for?

The "Bureviy" Brigade is the first Presidential Operational Brigade named after Hetman Petro Doroshenko, military unit 3027 "Bureviy". The defenders who serve in the Bureviy Brigade have long been known for their accurate hunting of enemy missiles and drones. They perform miracles, protecting us day and night and shooting down what is considered unrealistic.
For example, the famous fighter Anatoliy Pavlenko (call sign "Pokemon") is known for shooting down enemy missiles with Igla-1 MANPADS with sniper-like accuracy at the age of 20.

Why the fight against the Shahed? The answer is simple, and there are many arguments. Because there are more and more of these drones, and the enemy is building entire factories to produce them. Because they are launched at night to make it harder to shoot down with small arms, because they indiscriminately hit both military and civilian targets. Because the nighttime alarms are just too much for everyone. And most importantly, because the KOLO Foundation specialises in finding technological solutions to the enemy's clear advantage in numbers. 

Let's combine technology and the skills of our soldiers!

Here you can choose the most convenient way for donation. Please, add comment "Raffle of the rare Fender Stratocaster signed by Steve Vai". Thank you!

Raised: 612,051


We are Ukrainian IT experts who help the Armed Forces of Ukraine maintain a technological advantage over the enemy. We are just like many other people in IT. We like to solve complex problems and improve life with the help of innovations. We also love our country, which has given the world many great IT products. And our hearts are breaking because they are destroying our homes. We want to stop atrocities, so we're helping the military gain a high-tech edge.

100% of the collected funds go to help the Armed Forces. We at KOLO focus on three areas: optics, air, and communication. We direct all the money we receive to purchase technological devices in this direction. Targeted collections (campaigns) are no exception.

For any campaign, on the payment page, you can choose one of three currencies: UAH ₴, USD $, and EUR €. If you want to donate using props or crypto, that's also possible! Go to the page choose a convenient method, and in the comment indicate the name of the campaign - we will direct the funds exactly where you want.

At KOLO, we strive to be 100% transparent in all aspects. Financial reporting for us is one of the most important issues of transparency. You can familiarize yourself with the monthly financial statements and photo reports on all the fees that we have already implemented or plan to implement.

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