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Effective Date: April 5th, 2022 05.04.2022


A cookie is a small piece of data sent from BO “BF “KOLO UKRAINE”’s website and stored on your computer while you are browsing. The information stored can then be sent back to our servers on a subsequent visit. A distinction can be made between first-party and third-party cookies. First-party cookies include the cookies that are placed by BO “BF “KOLO UKRAINE” on the BO “BF “KOLO UKRAINE” website. Third-party cookies are set by another website.


BO “BF “KOLO UKRAINE” uses several cookies to ensure the proper running of the website. This helps BO “BF “KOLO UKRAINE” improve your experience when browsing and to analyze website traffic on the website. BO “BF “KOLO UKRAINE” also uses cookies and similar technologies to determine whether marketing campaigns are successful and to gain insights from your click behaviour on the website.


BO “BF “KOLO UKRAINE” uses functional and analytical cookies on the website which are privacy-focused and are placed on your device automatically. With your consent, BO “BF “KOLO UKRAINE” makes use of marketing cookies from third-parties in order to gain more insights on BO “BF “KOLO UKRAINE”’s marketing campaigns.

  • FUNCTIONAL COOKIES: Used to ensure optimal performance and function of the website by enabling certain features and to remember your preferences.
  • ANALYTIC COOKIES: Used to enable basic web traffic analysis. These cookies help us gain insights into the number of visitors to the webpage, if a visitor has been to the website before, the time of visits, how long a visit was, and how someone entered the website. For this, BO “BF “KOLO UKRAINE” uses Google Analytics and ensures conformity with the strictest privacy settings. The cookies are deleted within 2 years. For more information on Google Analytics and how to opt please review their policy here:
  • MARKETING COOKIES: BO “BF “KOLO UKRAINE” uses Google Ads to track whether you came to the website via an advertisement that BO “BF “KOLO UKRAINE” placed on Google’s search engine results page. These cookies enable BO “BF “KOLO UKRAINE” to gain insights on your location, the time of day and the device you used to gain access to the website. Google can determine for BO “BF “KOLO UKRAINE” how successful a campaign was through conversion tags on the website. These cookies expire after 3 months. Google may use different cookies to track how you came to the website, depending on the advertisement you clicked on that directed you to the website. For more information on Google Ads please review their policy here:


You can use your browser settings to delete, disable or block cookies. You can view the help pages of your browser to find more information.

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