Raised: 8,001,000
from 8,000,000
8 000 000 for «mini air defense»!
Campaign is finished
Campaign is finished

8 000 000 for «mini air defense»!

"Little air defense", for which the DOU community together with KOLO raised 8 million, is already in the military. Report

In June, together with KOLO, we announced the collection of UAH 8 million for the purchase of the SKY CTRL installation. This system, which can see almost one hundred percent any small flying objects in its radius and "land" them even at night, was needed by Roman Perimov, who led a unit of 30 Ukrainians.

Finally, Roman has the setup! Thanks to everyone who helped buy SKY CTRL!

Roman said that the equipment is already in place. Reporting documentation on acceptance to the balance sheet — provided to the fund in full.

An instructor also came, conducted training and tests.

“So far this is the best that I and the other units have seen and experienced. Captures all three classes of UAVs, lands those that can be landed without an active hit. The range is according to the specification and even better, depending on the height of the UAV. "Sees" even war geese, but does not land..." says Roman.

Answering the question "why did it take so long to deliver the installation", we publish an approximate timeline:

  • March — the first negotiations with the contractor
  • April-May — the first attempts to raise money on their own
  • June — collection from DOU and KOLO
  • July — the equipment was ready to be shipped at the end of the month
  • August — the whole month was spent on permit documentation
  • September 9 — the cargo crossed the customs border
  • September 10-11 - "reception" took place

Also, as a bonus, the vendor sends an automatic rotary platform, which was implemented after our contract. But its delivery will also take time (2-3 weeks :)

Let’s raise UAH 8 000 000 for «mini air defense»!

We are going to buy a comprehensive anti-drone system SKY CTRL for UAH 8 000 000. This system almost completely sees any small flying objects in its radius and «lands» them even at night. This is a «mini air defense» for knocking down enemy drones weighing 20-30 kg.

This system will be the first of its kind in the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Raised: 8,001,000
from 8,000,000


We are Ukrainian IT experts who help the Armed Forces of Ukraine maintain a technological advantage over the enemy. We are just like many other people in IT. We like to solve complex problems and improve life with the help of innovations. We also love our country, which has given the world many great IT products. And our hearts are breaking because they are destroying our homes. We want to stop atrocities, so we're helping the military gain a high-tech edge.

100% of the collected funds go to help the Armed Forces. We at KOLO focus on three areas: optics, air, and communication. We direct all the money we receive to purchase technological devices in this direction. Targeted collections (campaigns) are no exception.

For any campaign, on the payment page, you can choose one of three currencies: UAH ₴, USD $, and EUR €. If you want to donate using props or crypto, that's also possible! Go to the page choose a convenient method, and in the comment indicate the name of the campaign - we will direct the funds exactly where you want.

At KOLO, we strive to be 100% transparent in all aspects. Financial reporting for us is one of the most important issues of transparency. You can familiarize yourself with the monthly financial statements and photo reports on all the fees that we have already implemented or plan to implement.

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